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At the very top of the page you will find our header. In our header you will find our three most important links;
  • Main: Use this link anytime you would like to get back to the Start Page.
  • Specials: Monthly and In Store Specials are listed here. Please check here often as we update these lists regularly.
  • Catalog: Our online catalogs where you can place orders for you favorite items and have them shipped directly to you house.
  • Menu:

    To the left you will find a Menu containing useful links we think u might enjoy or appreciate.
  • Catalog: Same as the Catalog link on our Header, here for your convienence.
  • Specials: Same as the Specials link on our Header, here for your convienence.
  • Ask a Pro: A forum where you can ask questions and give answers. Our pros monitors these messages and will answer questions personally.
  • Builder Tools: Builder Tools has some nice calculators for figuring out how much of a product you might need for your next job.
  • Home & Garden: Daily Home and Gardening news, includes Tips, Stories, Highlights, Comic Relief and More.
  • Directions: Have no idea where we are located? Directions will help you in your journey.
  • Contacts: A list of Phone numbers and Email addresses to contact our staff. Or leave us a comment with the entry form.
  • Links: Visit our vendors sites and a whole host of home improvement sites with many great ideas.
  • Footer:

    Here at the bottom of the page contains most the links from our site in one easy-to-find place.

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